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Power of your Personal Brand.  


What is personal branding?  


Personal branding is really about your reputation.  I like to say that reputation is what people say about you once you leave the room! 


You do not create your reputation – others do.   However, you want to be in charge of managing that important brand so that the universe does not assign a default brand to you.  Consider the wide divergence of personal brands like Oprah and Charlie Sheen.  


Think about personal branding as - I am. I can. I will.  


I am - is your self-image, your self-perception.  It is the sum of your values, beliefs, your essence.  


I can – equates to your achievements, experiences, talents.  Your true strength – that special thing that you can do better than anyone else.  It is your distinct competitive advantage.  


I will – is the purpose of personal branding.  The value that you bring to any encounter.  The benefit that you provide to your audience - be it a recruiter for a new job or your team for exceptional performance.  


When your Identity (your I Am) and your Actions (your I Can) meet in the world, they create your Reputation (Your I Will).  


And you want that Brand to be as strong and unique as possible!

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