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Cynthia M. Klug, MBA
Executive Leadership Coach
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Eastern Time Zone, USA


Your Return?


+  Enjoy your work.  
+  Earn promotion.
+  Gain rewards.
+  Grow influence. 
+  Maintain respect.



You can sharpen your strategic, savvy leadership edge!


What is Leadership Coaching?


Every individual is naturally imaginative, resourceful, and motivated for fulfillment.  Yet changing habitual thinking and behavior is difficult.  Positive change that lasts is easier with help.  Effective coaching starts with your values and strengths, adds feedback, aims for your specific, optimistic, and realistic endpoints, and charts action steps to your determined destination.  With perceptive coaching, you hone strengths and ambitions into a sharp path toward your exceptional future.


Why Positive Edge?


Founded in 2007 by Cynthia M. Klug, Positive Edge guides leaders to be their best.  The coaching approach is based on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (ESCI). Clients lead with positive questions that elicit multiple possibilities and forward movement that elevates individual and organizational performance.

Positive Edge will customize your coaching to your particular needs, goals, and circumstances. Cynthia uses a variety of tools and processes to deliver powerful value to each coaching client.  Certifications include Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional and Social Intelligence, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and 360° Leadership Assessments.

Clients represent: Case Western Reserve University, Comsys, Delta Systems, Energizer, Federal Reserve Bank, FedEx, The George Gund Foundation, JumpStart Inc., Kinetico, Lubrizol, MemberHealth LLC, NCR, PNC, PolyOne, Saint Luke’s Foundation, United Way, VMWare, Waxman Industries, Wellspring Financial Advisors, YWCA of Greater Cleveland, and many private individuals in the financial, legal, manufacturing, marketing, healthcare, technology, and consulting sectors.


What is the coach’s experience?
To guide you to envision and attain your best future, Cynthia draws upon her own diverse and challenging career course as a leader, scientist, marketer, and entrepreneur.


+  Applied research chemist, contributing patented chemical processes;
+  Sales director, leading innovative business strategies for product and revenue growth;
+  Sustainability consultant, aligning innovative business strategies and alliances;
+  Senior executive, leading people to multi-million dollar revenues.




With a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, and a Masters of Business Administration, Cynthia combines the analytical approach of a scientist with the far-reaching strategic thinking of a successful executive to coach you to your best. 


Cynthia’s diverse and in-depth experience, knowledge, and coaching expertise instill in you self-determined power to refine your strengths and motivations into a clear path toward your bold future!


How does the process work?
Positive Edge interviews each prospective client for fit and expected outcomes for coaching.  With mutual agreement, Positive Edge recommends a timeframe and fee for your services based on a framework of Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) poses questions that drive Positive Change -

Discover – How will I use my strengths and highpoint career achievements for growth?

Dream – How do I see my particular bold future at my professional and personal best?

Design – What steps will I take to reach my bold future vision?

Destiny – How will I sustain positive movement toward my ideal?

Emotionally Intelligent (ESCI) leaders perceive and manage interpersonal relationships to achieve. These dynamic leaders inspire, influence and channel collaborative effort to generate success.

What are the benefits to me?
You will think, plan, and act to be a better leader with a positive outlook.  Appreciatively building on your strengths and values, you will improve your professional and personal life. 

Cynthia M. Klug, MBA
Executive Leadership Coach
Coaching to Sharpen Your Strategic, Savvy Leadership Edge.