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Cynthia M. Klug, MBA
Executive Leadership Coach
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Eastern Time Zone, USA



Founder and President, Consumer Manufacturing Business increased leadership to higher level.

I had the pleasure of having Cindy as my executive coach. It was a period of great personal and professional growth. The best professional athletes all have coaches. Why not executives and businesspeople? Everyone needs a good coach, someone to offer feedback, help develop strategies, and push you to the next level.

I was always very goal-oriented and very good at getting things done. Cindy's greatest added value was helping identify the strengths in my game, and developing strategies to maximize my effectiveness as a leader. Cindy was also very helpful in giving me specific tactical ideas to address the weaknesses in my game.

Overall, Cindy has earned my respect, admiration, and wholehearted endorsement!

Lawyer and Practice Owner created new goals and action plan.

The work was revelatory.  Through carefully designed exercises that required reflection and honest self-assessment, Cindy guided me through an exploration of myself and my work.  The result of the exploration was the creation of a treasure chest of polished goals, both personal and professional; and a map of how to achieve them.

National Sales Director for Global Technology Corporation elevated performance, authority, and rewards.

While I have participated in a number of leadership development programs and benefited from great mentors, my work with Cindy challenged me to envision my end goal and chart a path to realize it.  Beyond typical career development, our work uncovered what drives me and how I can bring more of those drivers to my everyday work.  Instead of asking what’s next, I’m asking myself much more interesting and dynamic questions that are bringing new energy to my current work and my vision of what’s next. 

Of particular benefit were the practical tools Cindy shared that operationalized my vision and continue to provide regular touchpoints for the broad goals I set.  I am so glad I took the time and resources to make this important investment in myself.  Since engaging Cindy a few things have changed in my day-to-day work activities, but much has changed in how I view where I am and where I am headed.

Bank Director learned strategies for effectively leading teams and resolving conflict.

Cindy’s insightful coaching was invaluable in my transition into a new challenging position, as well as in giving me tools for negotiating my way in a new environment.   Cindy’s holistic perspective has been tremendously helpful to me as I’ve sorted out some fairly large life changes.  She keeps you focused on goals, and is tenaciously resourceful, whatever the need.  

Business Owner acquired skills for managing critical customer satisfaction.

Cindy helped me gather the poise and confidence I needed to deal with a difficult client situation. She coached me on how to focus on my ideal outcome and to drive all conversations to that end. It worked. I had an amazing follow up meeting with my client, who is extremely satisfied with my work. Cindy showed me how to face my fears of difficult conversations head-on, and I am a better business person because of it.