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Transform Your Groan into a Grin on Monday Mornings! 

+  Feeling uninspired in your current position?

+  Is your creative spark flickering?

Rejuvenate your career by working with Cynthia M. Klug of Positive Edge.

Discover Your Sparkle at Work. 

Find work that is a passion, not just a duty. Polish your natural strengths and imagination and take clear decisive actions. Become the master artisan of your career and life.

Reveal a New Career or Start Your Own Business.

Career transitions present risks yet generate rewards. Discern your particular motivations and then design priorities with definite actionable steps. Turn your mental image into a solid reality.

Design Your Career Vision with You as Director.

Determine your intentional career path.  You yearn to draw your own life's blueprint, even though you are promoted or headhunters are calling. Illustrate your unique possibilities and ambitions, and then devise the purposeful steps, behaviors and resources to craft your masterpiece career.

Is the brilliant view from your corner office now surprisingly dull?  Tune into your vibrant high-definition career with an insightful coach.

Cynthia applies the experience of an executive and scientist with the understanding of an artist to help you illuminate your vision and create the actions taking you into a bright future.