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Earn Respect from the Power Brokers and Stay True to Your Principles.

+  Want to get ahead, but not by harming others?
+  Aspiring to be a game changer, not a game player? 


Excel as an honorable professional by working with Cynthia M. Klug of Positive Edge.

Bring to Light Respect and Empathy.
Media star Oprah succeeds by revealing her values and vulnerabilities.  Show others that you care and understand their situation, feelings and motives.  Be at ease talking with openness and candor.

Discover Your Own Star Power. 
Don’t play golf?  Connect with others on their terms.  Find other mutual interests to make credible personal connections from the boardroom to the plant floor.

Meet Challenges with Humor and Dignity.
Open yourself to flexible perseverance.  Exhibit an ability to respond positively to change and deal with ambiguity.  Express optimism. 

Struggling with being respected while being respectable?  Carry yourself and communicate with credibility and self-assurance, and still be approachable.


Cynthia brings leadership experience from science, sales, and executive to guide you maintain your essence even as your star is rising.