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Ask for and Get Increasing Career Challenge, Reward and Fulfillment

+  Ready to step forward and take on greater challenges? 

+  Unsure how to navigate the hierarchy of your organization?  


Seize ownership and control of your career trajectory with a personal brand strategy by working with Cynthia M. Klug of Positive Edge.

Rise to the Next Level of Challenge.  

You must deliver the results, plus alert your superiors that you want to take charge.  Position yourself to lead a major assignment or high profile project.  Convert your accomplishments into increased responsibility and compensation.

Capitalize on Your Own Distinct Competitive Advantage.  

Determine your particular highlights, the things that you do better than anyone else.  Build and refine your authentic personal brand to elevate your professional life.  Apply key business concepts and principles to direct your aspiring career and life.

Gain Champions for Your Ascension.  

Prominent influencers can point and guide you to advancing to the top.  Construct a notable network to get the right people boosting your success.

Is your excellent work on its own, not thrusting you ahead?  Develop a premier personal identity, reputation, and a well-designed flight path.  Make your career soar with a leadership coach. 
Be guided to leverage your hard work and take aim to reach the heights of your career. 

Cynthia challenges you to clarify your endpoint, then map and follow a path that is uniquely in line with your values…and keeps you on track.