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Confront Challenge and Conflict and Thrive to tell about it.

+  Trying to lasso a “Marlboro Man” to work in your team?
+  Steering clear of conflict at all costs? 

Learn to handle the reins for better team performance by working
with Cynthia M. Klug of Positive Edge.


Channel a Team of Strong Individual Performers.
Rounding up independent thinkers into a cohesive and cooperative team demands relational expertise.  Find a leadership approach that both strengthens your influence and accomplishments.


Communicate, Convey and Convince with Confidence.  
Deliver straight talk without panicking, dancing around it, or raising emotions.  Learn to remain calm, on target, and in charge of crucial conversations.

Strengthen Credibility and Trust.  
Leading teams of people with different natures and experiences can be daunting.  Model the way as a leader with authentic authority and enable your crew to act.

Does leading demand more dexterity and effort than you expected?  Reinforce your leadership agility to command with integrity for the long haul.


Cynthia harnesses real-life background in the lab, plant, sales territory, and executive office to your benefit.  Newly acquired skills focus you on top-notch outcomes and drive all conversations and actions to that end.