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Shift from a Magnifying Glass to a Telescope to Create the Future You Seek!

+  Is your boss expecting you to be more strategic?

+  Are you mired in daily tasks that hold you back from leading effectively?

Find ways to think strategically and communicate persuasively. 

Boldly move forward by working with Cynthia M. Klug of Positive Edge.

Develop a Strategic Vision Inspiring You and Your Team. 

Explore thinking like Galileo to reveal new ideas and a motivating leadership style.  Intensify performance, results and commitment.


Break Free of Tactical Operations with a Strategic Mindset. 

Lead improvement by keeping the big picture in front of you and your team.  Free time and attention for the long-horizon thinking, illustrated by vanguard leaders.

Prove Your Innovative Courage. 

Advance your career by exhibiting your strategic value to influencers, both above and below.  Get recognized and rewarded for looking ahead for opportunities and solutions.

Aiming for new frontiers of success? Direct your attention on the big picture. Create the future you desire with a trailblazer coach. 


Cynthia draws upon an extensive range of experiences in multiple industries to help you produce far-reaching results.